COVID Initiative

covid-19 initiative for unemployed during lockdown



EmployeeMe comes with the belief that in this time of struggle where the whole world is fighting with COVID, one should always be capable of having a healthy economic stand in spite of different challenges.
Hence, we are looking forward to provide a great platform to avail and apply for various job opportunities, and that too without paying any fee.
EmployeeMe is equipped with different job portals where people who are seeking a job can directly be connected with employers without spending money.
EmployeeMe is ready to act as a loyal friend with the job seekers in this harsh time of global unrest where millions of salaried job holders have already lost their job. So join this noble initiative by EmployeeMe for the sake of one and all.

As we all know that many people have lost their source of income, jobs during COVID-19. We are trying to organize an employment drive and we need your help to show the problems faced by us to a bigger screen. So I would like to request all those people who are suffering from this, please send a video of yours describing you, your previous job and the problems you’re facing now.
We are fully trying to take this to a bigger screen so that everyone knows about our difficulties.
Send your video to the following groups.

business owners and job providers can directly post their jobs in the above group

Let’s help those who are unemployed during COVID-19 lock-down, and now facing a lot of difficulties in their daily life. We request all the business owners to look after this and if possible, at least give jobs to some people.

“Together we stand
Divided we fall”